Pretty:- Brightening Sheet Mask Review

Hey there loves

Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas.

Sorry for being MIA, had a lot on and finally managed to get a few minutes of Me time to write up a post on something I tried tonight.

I was given this sheet mask as a secret santa present done with friends. It is supposed to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots.

The brand is called Pretty and the packet contains 2 sheet masks. They are packaged in individual foil packets, when opened the sheet masks are extremely wet and have a sticky feeling I believe due to the pomegranate seed extract mixed with rose hip oil. The mask is one size so it took a while for me to adjust it. You have to be very careful when unfolding the mask as it is cut in the shape of a face with eyes, nose and mouth holes and the mask is very thin if you pull too hard you may end up ripping it. That is the only con/downside to it.

The best part is that it hasn’t been tested on animals. I try to find products not tested on animals.

To use this mask obviously you need to have a makeup free face, apply the mask and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and remove it by pulling at the edges. It does not dry or anything like that, the mask remains wet after you peel it off.

I noticed after peeling off the mask my face felt cold like I’ve been outside in the freezing winter weather for a few minutes and came back in (it’s summer here in New Zealand). My skin felt soft to the touch aswell. I just wiped away the excess moisture left by the mask because it does not indicate on the packet whether to wash or wipe away after peeling. I did apply facial oil by Farsali after wiping off my face to give added moisture before bed.

Overall I will say I like the mask I just need to find out where it was purchased from so I could get my hands on some more haha.

I believe that would be all from my side, its past 4am here my bed is calling my name.

Till next time toodles x


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